Pacific Gourmet Online Ltd (鴨脷洲店)

Pacific Gourmet Online Ltd (鴨脷洲店) -


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Pacific Gourmet Online Ltd (鴨脷洲店)
地區: 鴨脷洲
地址: 鴨脷洲利榮街2號新海怡廣場1211號舖
營業時間: 11:00AM-5:30PM(星期一至二) ; 11:00AM-6:00PM(星期三至五及日) ; 11:00AM-6:30PM(星期六)
商店推介: If you enjoy your food, you’ll be delighted with Pacific Gourmet
消費: 銀
付款方式: Cash
電話: 2137 9985

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If you enjoy your food, you’ll be delighted with Pacific Gourmet.
Pacific Gourmet imports and supplies Hong Kong with imported, premium-grade produce at sensible prices.
From our locations in Horizon Plaza, Mid Levels, Happy Valley and from our online shop, we provide jet-fresh seafood and meat, as well as a range of gourmet deli items and groceries from around the world.

We take pride in sourcing food that tastes the way it should. We care about where our food comes from and what "additional extras" might come with it. As a result, where possible, we source food that is either organic or grown/reared in a sustainable environment.
As chefs and food lovers, we are happy to offer advice on cooking techniques and recipe ideas. You can find much of this information already published on our Online Shop website.But you can always ask the butchers, call us or send us an email.
A visit to Pacific Gourmet is a pleasure for the taste buds and the wallet!



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